Who let the Dork Out?

Who let the Dork Out? by Sidin Vadukut
Who let the Dork Out by Sidin Vadukut It had been an exhausting week for me and the book got delivered at the right time. Within few hours over the weekend I was refreshed and had great fun reading it. After reading the first two books of Dork Series, I was eagerly waiting for this book.

REV – Robin Einstein Varghese is Interim-CEO of Lederman India. After his stint in London he is now posted in Delhi and is trying to get some Government contracts.

Work Life
Einstein wants to be CEO of India office and has to face two difficult colleagues, one impossible boss and a firang consultant. His appraisal is at the mercy of these few people. His arch-rival Rahul Gupta is also in Delhi and giving our hero REV a tough challenge everywhere he goes. But he has his right hand Sugandh with him whom Robin moved from London to help him in India on some special conditions.

He not only saves the minister from resigning but his intelligence helps MURPS to avoid PR and Media embarrassments and helps MURPS to run Allied Victory Games 2010 successfully. His master strategies, media expertise and excellent relationship building skills impresses the PM himself.

Love life 
Robin is still in relationship with Gauri Kalbag and this time Gauri wants him to say yes for their marriage. After his wishful stints with Megha and Jenny this time he gets an opportunity to be with Gauri’s cousin Jesal who reminds him of Anushka Sharma. Poor guy always gets some villains to make his life more complicated and this time his villain is Gauri’s uncle Colonel Kalbag and  his old friend Karthik Subramanian “Yetch”.

Serious Problems
Poor Robin and his trips to loo are really serious issues of his life. How he manages such critical situation in such difficult places is a good learning. Besides this he has to struggle in Gym which Gauri forced him to join. And the Mumbai marathon in which he has to run to impress the villain, Uncle Kalbag.

Varghese always ends up choking food or throwing food, poor fellow is always forced to eat more. Robin gets dragged by conveyor belt at the airport and then has to run on road.

Highlight of Robin’s Life
Highlight of Robin’s Life is getting statue of Sivaji by an artist in France. Kedarji, minister of MURPS likes it a lot. The best part of Robin’s life is when he is introduced to his dreamgirl Anushka Sharma at Tihar Jail New Year’s Celebration and his meeting with Tihar Bala an enterprising and upcoming politician. His workout session with Jesal and Core Combat session with Subbu (Yetch). His by chance meeting with Gauri’s brother Giggs.

On a serious note
This book is a humorous take on Common Wealth Games (CWG), Suresh Kalmadi & Lalit Bhanot and the fiasco surrounded in organizing such an event by Indian Government. Corruption at various Government agencies and politicians. How media is handled and addressed and the famous shoe scene happening at the most press conferences organized by ministers.

If you have not read any of the Dork book then you have missed out some real fun in life. Please read “Dork” and “God save the Dork” (you can check it on my read list). First time when I read Dork couple of years back I couldn’t stop laughing. I had recommended this book to my friends and they all loved it. There was a moment when we would think of a possible cast for a movie based on this hilarious series.

We need more such authors rather than series of love story writers.

My personal rating 4/5


No Easy Day

No Easy Day by Mark Owen with Kevin Maurer

No Easy Day: The Only First Hand Account of the Navy Seal Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden

No Easy Day: The Only First Hand Account of the Navy Seal Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden

It’s a story of a Navy Seal on his experience in assassinating Osama Bin Laden. It is also a first-person account on planning and execution of the most wanted terrorist of the world. Mark has explained how Osama was identified and how intelligence worked on collecting information for years to be sure that this time they don’t fail. He has also mentioned how the core team which was selected from the best of the best Navy Seals was trained on the exact replica of Osama’s hideout. Although only 1/6th of the book is about this mission, it talks about life of a Navy Seal and the process how each one was selected and trained for this mission.

Mark shares his experience on various missions on streets of Iraq, fighting against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and one while rescuing Captain Richard Phillips from Somali Pirates in Indian Ocean.

Mark has been very selective in not passing on any classified information, which as a reader you may feel was missing.

Overall its a good read, it may not be a good fiction, but if considering it more as factual then reading is enjoyable.

One key take away from this is that even at a time of disaster at the beginning of the most important mission, how these guys kept their cool and completed the task. A good planning and executing it at as per the plan is the most important lesson from this book.

At the end, it is surely “Not an Easy Day” for any US Navy Seal or an Indian Soldier fighting against intruders and terrorists.

My personal rating 3/5

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

It is one of my favorite book. Walter Isaacson has captured various moments from Steve’s life and has presented it very well.

Since I had read iCON Steve Jobs by Jeffreys Young & William Simon and Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple by John Sculley few years back, I found lot of common or known content in the book.

But there are many stories which I wasn’t aware of or was not mentioned in detail in the other two books. Also the fact that Steve didn’t interfere, knowing his nature, in the writing or content of this book it throws light on various aspects of Steve’s life and its impact on others around him.

A lot about Steve has been discussed in Media while he was alive and after his death, hence I won’t write much about content. Walter has done a good job and its a must read for all Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders, Creative People, Product guys, IT guys, etc.

I am waiting for the movie in which Ashton Kutcher will be playing Steve Jobs.

My personal rating 5/5

Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda

It’s an amazing book and a very good read. Although it comes in a category of Spiritual book but nowhere does it talks about philosophy or force some knowledge on reader. Since it is a life story about Swamiji it’s interesting to read it.

It’s a story of Yoganandaji and how from early childhood he was spiritual and how his father made him study. The book narrates about his experiences in meeting real life Saints, Gurus and miracles. It also mentions about a special person “Babaji” who is a great inspiration for Yoganandaji and his guru.

At the same time it tries to explain scientifically on how ancient Indians could do such amazing stuff which today’s scientists are trying to innovate or I would say re-discover.

My wife gifted me this book a year back. Initially I wasn’t sure if I could read this book. It took me some time to get used to reading as I found it little heavy for my small brain.

I started my reading habit by reading biographies and autobiographies and that may be a reason that I could read this book and enjoyed it too.

My personal rating 5/5